The Castle is an ancient manor built in the 15th century located in the heart of the Florentine hills, 30 km from Florence, 50 km from Siena and well connected with the most beautiful and picturesque areas of Tuscany, today esclusive venue for special wedding receptions, typical Tuscan dinners and wine tasting, farm holiday resort accommodations, cooking courses and more.
Lorenzo de’ Medici; the popes, Leo X, Clement VII, and Paul III; the Grand Duke of Tuscany, Ferdinand III; and the King of Italy, Vittorio Emanuele III are only some of the Castello‚Äôs illustrious historical guests.

Built in 1424 by the noble Dei Pucci family of Florence, the Castello di Oliveto is one of Tuscany’s most beautiful historical residences. What’s more, it provides the ideal setting for unforgettable, history-making events of your very own.

Combine six hundred years of history, the panorama of the Florentine hills, and the flavors that render Tuscany a gourmet’s paradise, and you’ll have the perfect combination: a distinctive and welcoming ambience in which your event stands above all the rest.

Castello’s historic ballrooms and salons provide the ideal environment for a wedding reception or an elegant gala supper. The ambience communicates good taste and distinction and ensures that each guest experiences being a part of a once-in-a-lifetime event.

A pleasure in every sense of the word, the Castello is synonymous with attention to service in an exquisitely aristocratic setting.

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